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Fast Track Security Guide Bundle Offers Basic and Advanced Security Training

Includes Basic Security Training, your Exam Booking Fee (except Ontario residents), an Interview Prep Guide and 4 Advanced Training Courses all for 1 Low Price - Save Over $150

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Stand out from the crowd of licensed security guards with 5 certifications.

Our exclusive training package lets you upgrade your basic security guard training with training employers are looking for WHMIS, De-Escalation Training and more—  easily and at one low cost.

Employers are looking for security guards with advanced skills. Even if you don’t have experience working in private security, you can be the more qualified candidate.

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Separately, these 5 courses and 5 certifications are valued at over $400. With the Fast Track Security Bundle, you get them for just $249.

Save BIG with the bundle and get into a higher paying career with confidence!

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Premium Features & Bonuses — Only Available Here

The Fast-Track Security Career Bundle is exclusive to the Canadian Academy of Guard Training. No other security guard training program lets you get all five certifications for this price.

And only we offer premium course features and free bonuses.

  • Hosted on technology that’s easier to use, fully online and mobile
  • Impressive digital certificates on a mobile app
  • Designed to be engaging and interactive, so you’ll retain key concepts
  • Comes with a FREE interview prep e-book so you can win the job
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No Other Security Training Offers this Support

With most online training, you’re left to figure it out for yourself. But at Canadian Academy of Guard Training, we support you every step of the way. We are the only guard training program with a live Help Desk, 7 days/week.

Call our Canadian team of security training experts any day with questions about:

  • Getting started training
  • Understanding the course materials
  • Exam prep and booking your exam
  • Applying for your licence
  • Advancing in your career


When you’re fast-tracking to better security jobs, the learning curve can be intense. We’re here to help

Fast-track with full support

Be Interview-Ready with 5 Impressive Certificates

Better employers trust certifications from Canadian Academy of Guard Training. That’s because our training is best-in-class, with a track-record of training excellence since 2007.

Show your exclusive digital badges in interviews on our award-winning mobile app. With the Fast-Track Security Career Bundle, you can display all 5 certifications at your next interview.

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Course Outlines

Basic Security Training


The Basic Security Training program meets the full requirements for licensing education in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

A mandatory 40-hours of training will get you hired for the best jobs in private security.

Course Outline

  • Workplace Safety and Health Act
  • Personal Safety at Work (Provincial)
  • Working Alone Plan
  • Landlords & Tenants - The Law and You
  • Human Rights

Course Details

  • Length: 40 hours
  • Language: English
  • Certification: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Digital Badge: Yes

WHMIS Certification

Our award-winning WHMIS course is for initial or recertification training. This course meets all of Health Canada’s training requirements under the Hazardous Products Regulations, for all persons involved in handling workplace chemicals.


  • What is WHMIS?
  • WHMIS Hazards Groups
  • WHMIS Symbols & Labels
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • What to do if something goes wrong?
  • Emergency actions
  • Special situations


  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Language: English
  • Certification: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Digital Badge: Yes

Mental Health Awareness & De-escalation Training Certification

This course is designed to improve the quality of interactions between police officers, security guards and those who have, or may have, mental health concerns. In doing this, it can improve safety for all participants and lead to better outcomes.


  • Behavioural skills
  • Demonstrating empathy, recognizing emotions and responding appropriately
  • Positive communication techniques that emphasize active communication and proper body language techniques
  • De-escalation strategies that focus on defusing the situation
  • Strategies for dealing with subjects who are defensive, uncooperative or threatening
  • Strategies to follow up and prevention of recurrence


  • Length: 2 hours
  • Language: English
  • Certification: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Digital Badge: Yes

Preventing Harassment & Violence Certification

This course prepares employees to reduce incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence. Course participants will learn to foster a culture of respect and inclusion in workplaces.


  • Distinguishing disrespectful behaviour from bullying and harassment
  • Identifying the roles of employer and employee in prevention
  • Legislation and workplace policies
  • Identifying examples of bullying and harassment
  • Responding to bullying/harassment as a target or witness
  • Recognizing warning signs of workplace violence
  • Reporting violence appropriately
  • Differentiating between diversity and inclusion
  • Examining our own values and behaviour
  • Elements of a typical violence program
  • Control methods
  • Procedures


  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Language: English
  • Certification: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Digital Badge: Yes

Fatigue Awareness Certification

This course addresses safety issues related to fatigue across job types including shift work, night shift, industrial workers, drivers and office workers.


  • Defining fatigue
  • Fatigue in the workplace
  • Identifying fatigue
  • Managing fatigue
  • Preventing fatigue-related injuries


  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Certification: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Digital Badge: Yes

Your security guard training credentials in one secure, shareable location.

The Credentials Manager App by LearnerVerified allows you to store and manage your training credentials. The app puts the power in your hands to easily track digital certifications and training history from the Canadian Academy of Guard Training.

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Is this Course Bundle for You?

If you want to get licensed as a security guard in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta, the CAGT Professional Security Guard Training Course is your source for government-accredited training.

For information on licensing in any other province, please email info@guardtraining.ca.

Are you eligible?

Each province determines who can get licensed. Learn more about licensing in these provinces:

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